SERC Construction



In the area of constructions we can contribute in the following tasks:

  • Evaluations
  • Constructions and incorporations
  • Accompaniment
  • Findings technician
  • Elaboration of physical cronograma of activities
  • Finishings and services in general


The Serc is enabled and possesss professional to act in the following areas:

  • Finishing in general
    • the Painting
    • the Texture Plaster
    • Gessoc
    • the Doors and Garrisons
    • the Coverings
    • the etc.
  • Waterproofings
  • Roofs
  • Electric installations
    • Electrotechnical and the cabeamento
    • the Aterramento
    • the Cabeamento of logical nets of computers
    • the land Automation
    • the etc.
  • Hydraulical, Sanitary and Pluvial installations
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