SERC Construction


"We search to be as a river that never is depleted, but it grows, it adds forces and it always follows in front."

We are a company directed toward the branch of the Civil Construction, and have searched to add quality to the administration of our businesses, being promoted the development of the people and identifying to new segments and chances of performance.

Our administrators are highly qualified, strong motivated, and in our picture he has a contingent of collaborators who live deeply our culture and practise our values and principles, thus continuing, a history of continuous growth.

If, on the other hand, we visualize horizontes new, for another one, are conscientious of that in each enterprise that we conquer and we carry through, we have that to keep alive one of the ideas that in mobilize them: Our development intimamente is related to our capacity to surpass the expectations of our customers and looking at for the future with optimism and confidence.

This capacity to serve efficiently and to surprise our customers is the condition who we have searched to perfect permanently in the fortalecimento of our competitive differential.

We walk with firmness in this direction. The medium and long run has projects for diversification of services, therefore we have ambition to be an Organization that is reason of pride for our investors. We have ousadia to face challenges and, before everything, the perception of that the past is the source that nourishes of teachings walked ours for front.

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